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Home Cleaning Price Per Hour in Queens, NYC

Home Cleaning Price Per Hour in Brooklyn, NY

You can certainly recieve the best deal in home cleaning, when you do a little research. This webpage will teach you more about house cleaning prices.

Every home is unique, so is every house cleaning cost estimate. Your estimate will be determined your individual cleaning needs, including square footage, how many people live there, and the cleaning projects you desire performed.

In order to creat precise house cleaning cost estimate for your home, you should know the number rooms you want cleaned, what kind of cleaning your apartment requires, also how much time you believe the apartment cleanning will be.

Average rate of cleaning :

Cleaning of a 900-square foot 2 bedroomhouse with 3 rooms, costs $95-$180. One-time cleaning of a 1000 sq. foot 3 bedhouse with 4 rooms, costs $160-$260.
Cleaning of a 1500-square foot 4 bedroom home with 6 rooms, costs $190-$290.
Bi-weekly cleaning of the same 6 rooms house costs $210-$360, 7 rooms single-story house goes $200-$350, and the big 9 rooms two-story home goes $250-$400.
Dream Clean Maid Service in New York provides an online cost calculator, which helps to find out the cleaning cost of your house.

What will be cleaned:

A average standard housecleaning includes vacuum-cleaning, dusting, washing the sink, cleaning the floors, cleaning the counter tops and general tidy up. Some services aslo loading the dishwasher and changing bed linen. Usually, a cleaning service carries cleaning products plus tools.
Extra charges:

Extra chores for example window cleaning and walls often generally not included.
Oven or cleaning of the refrigerator cleaning usually is about $25. Dusting mini blinds about $30.

Looking for home cleaning:

Craigslist is is a great way to find home cleaning .
Websites for example Backpage or Yelp are also a good place to find apartment cleaning services.
Try to: Find out what people say about the company before scheduling with a housecleaning service.

Good housecleaning tips:


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